‘This time you will finish the farmers too’, the attack on the video of Salman driving a tractor

Going to the field to cultivate a farmer photoshoot! This is how Salman Khan got ridiculed by sharing pictures from the land adjacent to Panvel’s farmhouse. After that incident, another video of Salman came out. Where Bollywood brothers can be seen driving tractors. Not only that, but he can also cultivate by driving a tractor, this time Daren Salman Khan made the video public.

As soon as the video of Salman came out, the actor was again attacked by a section of the net crowd. Seeing Salman driving a tractor, someone started saying that by ruining the careers of others, Salman has come to finish the farmers as well. Someone started saying again, the people of India hate Salman Khan. However, this time too, Salman Khan did not make any comment in the face of ridicule.

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Meanwhile, at the beginning of the lockdown, Salman Khan went to his farmhouse in Panvel. Yulia Bhantur, a special friend, also accompanied Salman to the garden house along with several members of his family. Actress Jacqueline Fernandez also visited Salman’s garden house. However, after spending the first three months of the lockdown in Panvel, Jackie finally returned to Mumbai. Jacqueline is rumored to have left Panvel’s garden house to return to Mumbai to help a close friend.


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