Sunny Leone enjoying at ‘Holi’ festival with her daughter with ‘pichkari’

With the daughter Nisha, Sunny Leone enjoying this time in the festival of colors. Before ‘Holi’, Sunny Leone’s daughter, Nisha Kaur Weber, is seen having fun with her mother taking ‘Pichkari’ and colors in her hand.

Nisha was adopted from Latur, Maharashtra. Sunny Leone is raising the girl all the time. Reaching the final stage of fame, it is quite clear that Sunny, who is the mother of two more children, has left Nisha in another place in her life.


After adoption, she celebrated Nisha’s first birthday in Disneyland. Then again with Noah and Asher, and again somewhere, Sunny Leone has always celebrated her daughter’s birthday a little differently. This time the color festival did not do otherwise.


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