Square cuts to hair cuts, Sachin is cutting his own hair

In the present scenario, the whole world is fighting against an invisible force. The country’s government has issued a lockdown directive to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. As a result, from rich to poor, Hindu-Muslim-Christian, everyone is in the house because the virus does not obey caste-religion, nor does it have any boundaries or thorns.

In this case, all of the items shops are closed except for some necessary shops. Airport to train, buses and all public transportation are closed. At the forefront of this war are the doctors, nurses and health service personnel, and then the administration and the cleansing staff of the country. The rest of the fields have either introduced ‘work from home’ method or on vacation.

From ordinary people to the stars are at home. At different times, they have spread awareness messages on various social media platforms for fans. This time there was another picture. Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar shared an image where he appears to be cutting his own hair.


In a video a few days ago, Indian Captain Virat Kohli’s hair was cut by his actress wife Anushka Sharma. In fact, salon shops or hairstyle shops are closed so legends have trouble with ordinary people as well. There are about 37,000 runs written all over his name, his reputation all over the world, the man who is known as the god of cricket is also helpless in this situation.


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