Sakshi surprised by posting a picture of Mr. Sweetie

The entire country is in lockdown because of the Coronavirus panic, The Indian Premier League (IPL) also suspended. Former India captain even Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is spending time away from house arrest.  He shared many moments of spending time with his wife Sakshi and daughter Jiva at his Ranchi home in Lockdown on social media. Sakshi shared a photo from her Instagram account on Sunday. In that completely different scenario, Dhoni has become ‘Mr. Sweetie’!

In the picture, Mahendra Singh Dhoni was loaded on the naughtiness of married life with his wife in lockdown, which has emerged. More than 600,000 likes have been received since the picture was posted on Sunday. Dhoni-fans have also commented extensively on the picture.


That picture shows Dhoni’s bedroom. One of the most successful captains of Indian cricket is lying on the bed by the tablet in hand and place the pillow on the body. Dhoni’s legs are on Sakshi’s feet and she is sitting on the bed in open clothes. Her face at Dhoni’s feet. See the picture-


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