Ranu Mandal helps the poor peoples in the lockdown

Not so long ago, one day Ranu Mandal spent her life as a vagabond at Ranaghat station. However, Ranu Mandal came up in the discussion as her song went viral on social media. From a vagabond, she went being a celebrity overnight. Himesh Reshammiya, fascinated by her singing, gave her the opportunity to sing in Bollywood.

On the one side, just as Ranu Mandal went viral for her songs, on the other side, she went viral on social media for her pride and harsh words.


During this time of lockdown across the country, Ranu Mandal came forward to help the poor. According to a Facebook post, Ranu Mandal handed over some food items including rice, pulses, and eggs to some poor people of Ranaghat. That picture has come up on social media.

Five-faced netizens praised Ranu’s move. In Bollywood, Ranu Mandal has sung with Himesh Reshammiya as well as Udit Narayan.


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