Rakul Preet went out to buy alcohol? What did the actress say?

What is this! Rakul Preet Singh went out to buy alcohol in the lockdown? Netizens have commented on a video of the Bollywood actress on social media and it has gone viral. The video shows Rakul Preet coming out of a shop to buy something. Although the video is not clear, many say she went out to buy alcohol.

As soon as the rumors about the video started, Rakul Preet replying on this matter. She said about this matter. She did not even fire ordnance at anyone. In addition, she jokingly replied that ‘Oh wow! I wasn’t aware that medical stores were selling alcohol ’.


In fact, she went out to buy medicine. Everyone made the wrong comment because the video did not clearly understand anything, which was seen coming out of the store to buy medicine.


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