Prabhas is teaming up with Deepika Padukone

Southern star Prabhas is teaming up with Deepika Padukone. Director Nag Ashwin is a big name in the southern film industry. His previous film ‘Mahanati’ was not only a box office success but also won three national awards. This time Prabhas and Deepika are going to tie the knot in the director’s film.

On Sunday morning, the production company Vyjayanthi Movies released a video announcing the pairing of Prabhas and Deepika. So far this is considered to be the biggest announcement in the world of Southern cinema this year. After ‘Baahubali’, the popularity of Prabhas in the world of cinema is not new. Prabhas’ name has become known not only in the country but also abroad due to ‘Baahubali’. This film by Nag Ashwin is going to be the 21st film in Prabhas’ film career.


Deepika Padukone shared on Instagram that she can be a part of Nag Ashwin’s film.

Apart from Vyjayanthi Movies, the film also stars C Ashwini Dutt, Swapna, Priyanka Dutt, and director Nag Ashwin. It is heard that this film is going to be made on the third world war. Fans of Deepika and Prabhas are naturally happy after the announcement of this film.


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