One man dancing on Hrithik Roshan’s ‘You Are My Soniya’ goes viral

A video of Baba Jackson dancing has won the hearts of millions of people on social media, and a new video of a stranger has gone viral on the internet. It is attracting everyone’s attention. The person in the video is seen dancing to Hrithik Roshan’s song ‘You Are My Soniya’ from the movie ‘Kabi Khushi Kabhi Gham’.

A Twitter user shared the video on her micro-blogging handle. Where a man in a plain white shirt and pants performed that dance. Appreciating the man’s dancing skills, everyone in the post is making various comments that Hrithik should watch this man’s great moves.


Watch this video-

Check out this guy’s another one eye-catching dance clip:

The Twitter user wrote the name of the talented person in the title of the video ‘Aman Rathod’.


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