Now is the time for ‘Shopping Bag Challenge’

The new challenge came on Instagram in the lockdown. Netizens are coming up with new challenges on social media to spend time in the midst of this lockdown and to overcome monotony. Everyone is happily spending time completing the challenge.

A few days ago, netizens brought a new challenge by wearing pillows. The body was covered with pillows, not clothes. Which came to be known as the ‘Quarantine Pillow Challenge’. Milky Queen Tamanna Bhatia was also seen completing the challenge.

This time this was replaced by a new challenge, called ‘Shopping Bag Challenge’, which resulted in the whole Instagram being flooded with pictures of wearing such a bag.


This time Instagram models are wearing shopping bags as clothing. Many are wearing this bag like tops and shorts. Again, some people are tying bags with ropes as clothes. Some people are decorating small children by wearing these shopping bags.


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