‘Lazy, sleeps all day, cooking is very bad’, husband complaint against Sunny

Sunny Leone is absolutely ‘useless’. Sitting at home in lockdown, taking selfies or sleeping all day. Cooking is not something that she does occasionally. But it is too bad! That is the allegation of Sunny’s husband Daniel Weber.

A video from Sunny’s Verified Instagram has been shared. It is seen that ‘shirtless’ Daniel is praising Sunny in his face, but he is writing one complaint after another on paper. Again, That paper he is displaying towards the fans.

Expressing ‘anger’ from the beginning. Sunny was not in the scenario at the time. Daniel was a little shocked when she came suddenly. He handles matters with more praise. But is it really suppressed?

Sunny captured the fact that Daniel was saying this in her name. ‘Revenge’ that she will take, she warns Daniel.


However, it is not left to understand that the whole incident has been made a funny trick. Sunny and Daniel have a very good personal relationship.
They spend their days like themselves with their two sons, one daughter. Daniel and Sunny Leone spend their days sometimes making masks, sometimes doing workout and sometimes being naughty with their children.


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