Late actor Irrfan Khan did not become a cricketer as he could not raise Rs 600

National award winning actor Irrfan Khan passed away at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Hospital in Mumbai on Wednesday after contracting a colon infection. The whole world knows him as an outstanding actor. But Irrfan Khan was also a good cricketer, many may not know that. At one point he was also selected in the Under-23 CK Naidu Trophy team. However, he did not become a cricketer due to lack of money.

In an interview with The Telegraph in 2014, Irrfan Khan himself expressed his dream of becoming a cricketer. Irrfan Khan said, “I wanted to be a cricketer. I was once the youngest all-rounder in the Jaipur team. I was selected for the CK Naidu Tournament. At that time I was in dire need of money, but I did not know who to ask. That’s when I decided I wouldn’t have a career in cricket. ”


But Irfan never regretted his decision. He said, “I could not ask anyone for 800 rupees at that time. Later I needed 300 rupees for the National School of Drama. My sister provided it for me. I gave up my desire to play cricket for the country. Only 11 cricketers can play in a team. But not so much in acting.

Irrfan Khan’s life changed after he went to study at the National School of Drama. He did not look like a so-called hero. However, he has taken a place in the film world because of his outstanding acting skills. Irrfan Khan has acted not only in Indian movies but also in Hollywood movies. In films like ‘Life of Pi’, ‘Jurassic World’, ‘Inferno’, Irfan has proved that his acting has crossed the line of time.


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