Is Shilpa Shetty beat her husband severely?

All the stars are now under house arrest for the lockdown. The stars are spending their time at home like that. In this situation, there is unrest in Shilpa Shetty’s house! Shilpa’s husband Raj Kundra went to kiss the housemaid. Upon learning this, Shilpa Shetty beat her husband severely. That video has come out publicly through the internet.

Recently, Shilpa Shetty made a TikTok video with her husband and housemaid. There Shilpa tells her husband not to kiss me while working. On hearing this, the maid said, “Madam, explain to him well. I am tired of saying that.” Upon hearing that, Shilpa severely beat her husband.

In fact, Shilpa Setty and Raj Kundra made this video jokingly that she wrote it herself in her Instagram post. We often have seen Shilpa making such videos. A few days ago she, Raj Kundra, and their son Viaan were seen making a video where they were also seen fighting.


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