Hrithik Roshan reveals a secret about Jaadu on ‘Koi Mil Gaya’

Sitting at home in the lockdown, getting bored, so spending time watching movies! You must have seen Hrithik Roshan’s popular movie “Koi … Mil Gaya” many times! Did you see that Jaadu had an extra thumb just like Rohit?

Recently, a fan of Hrithik has caught everyone’s attention. On Monday night, Hrithik Roshan’s fan made an interesting observation about this film, the fan asked Hrithik on Twitter that his alien friend Jaadu has an extra thumb on ‘Koi … Mil Gaya’. Was it a deliberate decision to give an extra finger to Jaadu like Rohit Mehra, which was the main reason for communication between the two characters? The Super 30 actor replied, “Yes. It was to help Rohit feel familiarity. But we had to keep it subtle as the thumb didn’t look as great as I wanted 🙂 you have a good eye my friend.”


One of the perfectionists of the Bollywood industry is currently learning piano at home. This talented actor has won the hearts of fans on the internet with his posts. His ex-wife Susan Khan is also with Hrithik so they can take care of the children in the lockdown.


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