how Shriya is spending the day in Spain with her husband!

Bollywood actress Shriya Saran has often looked up to Barcelona, ​​Spain, after having tied up with Andrei Koscheev. Although returning home on the occasion of Diwali, the actress returned to Spain after Diwali. While in Barcelona, ​​the heroine of the Ajay Devgan movie faced the epidemic this time.

While living in Spain in her father-in-law’s house, Shriya Saran and her husband, Andrei, fell prey to an epidemic like Corona. Not only that, but the symptoms of COVID-19 in Andrei’s body were also shown she took her husband to the hospital. But since Andrei’s symptoms are not very complicated, they are advised to stay in isolation at home. Since then, Andrei Koscheev has been at Barcelona’s home with symptoms such as fever and dry cough.


The Bollywood actress said that Mar 13 was the wedding anniversary of Andrei Koscheev and Shriya Saran but they had to stay inside the house on that special day of life. But now Andrei is fine. The Bollywood actress says that Andrei is in good shape, even in the worst of circumstances.

Although because of Corona she did not return home for long. As a result, she is unable to meet her parents. When all things are right, when will she be able to eat her mother’s hand again, now that day is counting Shriya.


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