Argument with Sushant, Rhea did not pick up the actor’s phone the night before his death!

Thousands of questions are coming up about Sushant’s death. In the midst of all this, new information about his personal life has come to the fore. Is the deterioration of his relationship with his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty the reason for Sushant’s emotional breakdown? The question that is coming up.

According to close sources, his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty was also with Sushant during the lockdown. But Rhea had gone home a few days ago. Another source says that Sushant himself sent Riya home. Later, Sushant also called Rhea to settle the quarrel, but she did not pick up the phone. One of Sushant’s sisters noticed a change in his behavior for some time. Suspicious, his sister also reached Sushant’s Bandra flat. However, it is not clear whether Sushant told him anything. Meanwhile, it is known from the call list that Sushant called his girlfriend Rhea again the day before his death, although she did not pick up the phone that day either. After that, when he called his friend Mahesh Shetty, he also did not pick up the phone.


Sushant had been suffering from mental depression for the last 6 months. That is why he was taking medicine on the advice of psychologists. Sushant’s friend Mahesh Shetty claims that the actor had stopped taking drugs for some time. Is that also due to the Rhea? The question arises ….

Meanwhile, the Mumbai Crime Branch has taken away the actor’s phone and laptop after investigating Sushant’s death. Everything is being checked. On the other hand, it has been learned that Rhea and Mahesh Shetty will be interrogated by the Mumbai Police. Just after Sushant’s death, one of his big brother said that Sushant will be getting married in November. However, it is not clear with whom.


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