Arbaaz Khan’s lover Giorgia Andriani Concerned for her family in Italy

Giorgia Andriani, Italian this model has been in India for a long time. Giorgia is currently in love with Arbaaz Khan. But even though she is in this country, Giorgia has family in Italy. Giorgia is worried about her family in the horrific situation Italy is currently experiencing.

However, in the current scenario, Giorgia is stuck in India. The government has stopped traveling from one country to another. “My family is safe in Italy,” Giorgia said in an interview with the Times of India recently. However, I have not seen my family members in more than a year, and why Italy you cannot go anywhere now. I’ll be back in Italy as soon as this lockdown arises. I want to spend at least a week with them. ”


The death toll in Corona in Italy exceeds 23,000. Lakhs of people are affected.

Contextually, in the film ‘Sridevi Bungalow’, Arbaaz Khan and Priya Prakash will also be seen with Giorgia Andriani. Regarding marriage to Arbaaz Khan, however, she said, “I will not address these rumors anymore.”


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